Qual­ity begins where improve­ment never ends !

be quiet! is a pre­mium brand man­u­fac­turer of power sup­plies and cool­ing solu­tions for your desk­top PC.

The Num­ber 1 for power sup­plies in Germany !

Repeated win­ner: Man­u­fac­turer of the year be quiet! is awarded for nine times in a row as “Man­u­fac­turer of the Year” in the power sup­ply cat­e­gory by the read­ers of the well-​known Ger­man hard­ware mag­a­zine PC Games Hardware.

Excep­tion­ally quiet operation !

be quiet! sticks to its name: More than ten years expe­ri­ence in the field of noise reduc­tion and silence make be quiet! prod­ucts prob­a­bly the most silent one on the market.

Undoubted fans have a large impact of the noise lev­els of be quiet! prod­ucts. Due we are using our spe­cially devel­oped Silen­tWings fans in nearly all of our range. They are equipped with var­i­ous noise reduc­ing fea­tures. Thanks to these we ensure a really silent oper­a­tion — our prod­ucts reach the best bal­ance between cool­ing per­for­mance and a vir­tu­ally inaudi­ble oper­a­tion. Silent pre­mium qual­ity made by the quiet­ness experts.

This year, BeQuiet is your silent part­ner for the sleep­ing area :) And besides that, they pro­vide us with 3 mar­velous Gam­ing Pow­er­zone 650W powersupplies !

BeQuiet Powerzone 650W


As this year the lan­party will last for 4 days, show­ers will prob­a­bly be much appre­ci­ated.
So we are happy to announce that there will be free show­ers at CU-​LAN 2016 !
Show­ers will be open from 08:00 till 22:00.