About us

About our lanparties :

Since 2001 we orga­nize lan­par­ties under the name DrWeB-​lan.
In 2013, we changed the name of our lan­par­ties to CU-​LAN. Our last DrWeB-​lanparty was a few years ago (2007).
Which doesn’t mean that we didn’t par­tic­i­pate in the bel­gian lan­scene !
Cape­man and Nikki were actively involved in the Frag-​O-​Matic lan­par­ties, while the rest of us kept going to dif­fer­ent lan­par­ties in Bel­gium.
But as the years went by we did miss the old-​skool lan­par­ties, like OCC, Lan­scape and the older FOM-​editions.

After going to FOM 14.0 (we call it the ballroom-​edition) we decided to go back to the roots of lan­par­ties : gam­ing, gam­ing, gam­ing and fun, laugh­ter and meet­ing our friends from all over the world.

So we got together in 2012 and decided to start orga­niz­ing a new lan­party.
We changed the name from DrWeB-​lan to CU-​LAN.
After all, going to a lan­party is the best way to meet-​up with your fellow-​clan mem­bers from all over the world, so “see you @ lan” became CU-​LAN !

We found a very nice loca­tion in Ger­aards­ber­gen and a per­fect week­end. We started a non-​profit organ­i­sa­tion (DCM-​Events VZW/​ASBL) and we divided all the tasks.

About the DCM-​clan :

DrWeB & the Cap­tain Morgan’s (DCM) is a group of ‘fungamers’. Together we play online almost every sin­gle day and we only have one goal : hav­ing fun !

Win­ning is not impor­tant but cheat­ing or hack­ing is unacceptable !

The ori­gin of our clan-​name is his­tor­i­cal :
Cap­tain Mor­gans’ has been bor­rowed from the Jamaican rum ‘Cap­tain Mor­gan’ as we like to come together and taste the good things in life :)
DrWeB’ has been bor­rowed from the radio-​show ‘DrWeB’ that was on air every sunday-​evening at TopRa­dio Data way back in 2003.

We mainly play FPS-​games (First-​Person-​Shooters) like Call of Duty, Unreal Tour­na­ment and Bat­tle­field. From time to time, we also play some rac­ing games like Flatout 2, Blur, Dirt Show­down and TrackMania.

Every year, we also par­tic­i­pate to other lan­par­tys like ULF, Frag-​o-​Matic (until they trans­formed the lan into a disco), LanUp, Vives­Lan, .…
When we go to lan­par­ties we join-​up with some other clans that became friends through the years.