What is a lanparty ?

What does ‘LAN-​party’ mean ?

LAN stands for “Local Area Net­work”. Every par­tic­i­pant brings his own com­puter. We pro­vide every par­tic­i­pant with a delim­ited space (110 cm) at his table, along with a chair, a Giga­bit network-​connection and a power-​socket. Once you’re installed, you hook up your com­puter to our fast local net­work (a helpdesk is at your dis­posal). Don’t for­get; you need to bring your own network-​cable (UTP, approx. 10 meters long). If you don’t have such a network-​cable, you will be able to buy a cable from the shops that are present.

This way, the par­tic­i­pants are all con­nected to each other. The net­work equip­ment & the servers are all being taken care of by our crew. Once your PC is con­nected to the net­work, you can start play­ing games against the other par­tic­i­pants. Every server on the LAN is fast and lag doesn’t exist there.

We also pro­vide you with an inter­net access, but if nec­es­sary, access will be restricted to online gaming !

Cater­ing :

At the event, you will be able to buy food and drinks at all times. Your ticket includes a BBQ (more details).

Park­ing :

Park­ing spots are free of charge. When arriv­ing at the event a crew-​member will advise you where you can park your car. In order to avoid chaos at the park­ing and the check-​in, you have to fol­low his instruc­tions. At all times it is for­bid­den to block an emergency-​exit with your car. The road and the entrance and exit of the emer­gency road must always be acces­si­ble. More details, click here.

Emer­gency exits :

Emer­gency exits can only be used in emer­gency sit­u­a­tions ! As long as there is no evac­u­a­tion, you must leave or enter the hall by its nor­mal entrance and exit.

Gen­eral precautions :

Like in every pub­lic event or fes­ti­val, it’s strongly rec­om­mended to look out for your valu­ables. Don’t leave your pc’s unat­tended for longer peri­ods of time. In case you and your fel­low clan-​members are sleep­ing at the same time, make sure you store your cell phones, wal­let, expen­sive mice, mouse-​pads and head­sets. If you are bring­ing a lap­top, lock­ing it to the table will ensure more safety as well.