Razer CS:GO 5v5

1. Introduction

Title : Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 5 vs 5
Team-size : 5 Players

2. Teams & Participants

When all players are registered for the team they are the only gamers who may play.
A player may only play in one team.
A clan may also register multiple teams but the players can not and should not change between the two or more teams.
All wars are unconditionally played 5 vs 5.
When everyone is in the server waiting to start the game, all players must use the Clan tag and their nickname which they used when they enrolled. This allows the Compo-Admin to check this in the server logs if there is a conflict.
If a player from a registered team can’t play for one reason or another, this team must find a replacement player as long as the opponent and the Compo-Admin have been informed and have agreed to this replacement.
By registering and participating in the CS GO compo, players have agreed with the general regulations and the rules of the CS GO compo.

3. Matches

Each match consists of playing two maps.
When the game is tied, the 3rd map is determined by elimination. The team that lost the 2nd map may start the first elimination.
Matches are played only on servers provided by CU-LAN. This rule can only be modified if the Compo-Admin gave his approval (eg. due to technical problems).
Each team plays each map as well as Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist.
Each team can choose on its own map, on which side he begins.
Each map is played with Maxround 15.
All players must record a demo of the whole match. Demos can be requested by the admin. Once the Compo-Admin has determined the score, the demo may be deleted. The score is then fixed. A demo is invalid if more than three rounds are missing.

4. Maps

The maps are :

  • train
  • dust2
  • inferno
  • mirage
  • cache
  • overpass
  • cbble

5. Client Settings

Using external programs to adjust client settings is prohibited.
The default value of these settings may NOT be modified:

  • r_speeds
  • cl_showevents
  • gl_max_size
  • gl_polyoffset
  • gl_monolights
  • s_a3d
  • gl_picmip (max 2)
  • s_show

6. Cheating & Abuse

The cheating and abuse policy applies to all CU-LAN ladders.

Any cheating or excessive abusive behaviour during a match will result in a forfeit loss.
Cheating and/or using suspended players in matches results also in different kind of ladder suspensions.
If both clans cheated, both clans get a forfeit loss.

It is not allowed to make use of bugs. If bugs are used, 2 points will be subtracted from the team and will be given to the other team.
There are no scripts allowed, with the exception of buy-scripts.
Custom skins are prohibited.
Crouching may not be binded to the mouse scroll.

If you believe your opponents are cheating or if you discover something that is definitely not allowed then you can ask for assistance at the Compo-desk. The available Compo-Admin will then search for a solution, this can go from looking at demo’s to the banning of teams. When conflicting you need to have proof !!! Again, make sure your opponents cannot screenwatch.

7. Scores & Administration

The score must be submitted to the Compo-Admin by both teams after each war.

8. Server Crashes & Time-Outs

Check the server before you play, lag, ping, non working anti-cheat,etc is no excuse to postpone the war.
If a server should crash, the game will be postponed and will be played on another server.
When the server crashes within the first five rounds, the map will be played again.
In case of a server crash after the 5th round the mp_startmoney will be set at 4500? After playing this map, mp_startmoney will be restored to 800.
When a player is disconnected for a technical reason, a 5 minute break will be given to allow the player to re-connect.
The maximum time for a break is 5 minutes unless the other team agrees to extend the break.
If a player disconnects, the current round will be continued.

9. Compo-Admin

The compo-admin is DrWeB & Steff_P.

10. Prizes

  1. Razer Kraken Pro Headset (x5)
  2. Steelseries Kinzu v3 Gaming mouse (x5)
  3. TT eSports Shock black Headset
  4. One Ago Clan-hosting