Plantronics Rocket League 3v3

1. Game info :

Title: Rocket League
Size: 3v3
Max Teams: 64

2. Server settings :

Team A creates a private game with these settings :

Match Time: 5 Minutes
Arena : DFH Stadium
Team Size : 3v3
Bot Difficulty : No Bots
Region : Europe
Joinable By : Name/Password
Name : CULAN “Team A”-”Team B”
Password : culan

Team A starts on Blue side. After every game, teams switch sides.

3. Cheating and abuse :

The cheating and abuse policy applies to all CU-LAN ladders.
Any cheating or excessive abusive behaviour during a match will result in a forfeit loss.
Cheating and/or using suspended players in matches results also in different kind of ladder suspensions.
If both teams cheated, both clans get a forfeit loss.

Any cheats/hacks are not allowed. If we suspect you of cheating your whole team will be disqualified from the compo. You may have custom configs as long as they don’t give you an unfair advantage over your opponents.

4. Player Disconnect :

If a player disconnects, the match will continue just like a normal game. The disconnected player may reconnect to the game when possible.
If both players from 1 team disconnect, this will result in game loss.
If all players lose connection at the same time, a rematch of the ongoing match must be played. All goals scored before the disconnect will not count towards the rematch.

5. Scores & Administration :

The score must be submitted to the Compo-Admin by both teams after each war.

Both Team Captains will make screenshots of every game and mail it to the Compo-admin.
This can be done by pressing the “Take Screenshot” button (Default is F12) after all games have been played. Then exit the game and it will show you a list of the screenshots taken. Click “Show on Disk” and rename the correct files.
Files will have to be renamed to this format :
CULAN Rocket League “Current Round” “Team A” – “B” “Game number”

6. Spectators :

Spectators are allowed if both parties agree on it.

7. Compo Structure :

– Single Elimination.
– Best of 3.

Finales/3rd Place Match :
– Best of 5.

8. Compo-Admin

The compo-admin is DrWeB-Jr.

9. Prizes

  1. 1x Plantronics RIG 500HD Headset / 2x Plantronics RIG 500 Headset
  2. 3x Office-Shop Supplies Voucher 25 EUR