Barbecue : Every participant will receive a delicious barbecue on Saturday-evening. The barbecue is included in your entry-ticket if you bought one before November 1st ! What’s included ? 3 pieces of meat (BBQ Stick/Sausage/Bacon) Vegetables Potatoes Sauce


Besides the compo-servers we will also be hosting public-servers for free (game-servers and voice-servers). To request a game-server, simply fill in this form. If your request is validated, you will receive your server-details by email. During the event you can also get the server-details from the crew.

Rulebook – Hit The Nail

1. Game rules : Every player gets a nail. Every player in turn hits his own nail with the hammer. Your hammer must be positioned next to your own nail before you hit your nail. The hammer must be seized to the handle with one hand (female players have the opportunity with both hands). If […]

Rulebook – FlatOut 2

1. Game version : Version 1.2 will be played 2. Information : One match will be played in a Free for all (FFA) format using the Tournament Race type. 3. Qualification Process : There is a maximum of 8 players in each server (with an equal number of players on each server). Depending on the […]