SELECTAIR Highland Games

1. Introduction The Epic CU- Highland Games A war between clans, each consistent of 3 to 9 participants, will decide which clan is the strongest, the bravest, the fiercest of them all. The victors will be worshiped, adored and bathe in richness and wealth. They will walk the halls of fame and will be remembered […]

Rulebook – Hit The Nail

1. Game rules : Every player gets a nail. Every player in turn hits his own nail with the hammer. Your hammer must be positioned next to your own nail before you hit your nail. The hammer must be seized to the handle with one hand (female players have the opportunity with both hands). If […]

BeQuiet CU-LAN Games

1. Introduction  Every year the CU-LAN crew has a lot of fun imagining some crazy theme related challenges for 3 to 5 player clans. The result of their sick mind will be announced at the lanparty. #FunGuaranteed #NicePrizes #NoComputerNeeded #BallsGutsBraveryNeeded 2. Challenges Will be announced at the lan.  3. Compo-Admin The compo-admin is DrWeB. 4. […]