Dear gaming-friends !

From now on the ticket sale for CU-LAN has started !

This year, we have decided to make some changes :

1) Ticket-prices went up !
Unfortunately we have to raise the price for the tickets from 15 to 20 or 25 EUR.
We had to make some choices ; keep the same ticket-price and bring down our services or raise the price and continue to improve the quality of the lanparty.
So we chose to increase the price but nevertheless, we continue to offer you the same quality lanparty as we did the previous years.
Or even better !

Tickets cost 20 € (without breakfast) or 25 € (with breakfast on saturday- and sunday-morning) and offcourse our famous BBQ is still included on saturday-evening.

2) Participants :
We are investigating if we can bring that number up to 180 !
We will keep you posted on that.

3) Network :
The network-speed is the same. Internet will have a fail-over solution (which we never needed). And our servers went up to 8.

4) Seating-space :
You will continue to have a table-size of 1.10m to install your computer. The chairs remain the same.

5) Sleeping area :
There will no longer be sleeping-area’s in the main-room ; a seperate and silent sleeping-area is available (like it was in 2014).

More news will follow in the following weeks and months.

So hurry-up to get your seats…

Payments can be done by Paypal or wiretransfer.