Prices will be announced shortly. FlatOut 2 : Race FlatOut 2 : Derby Call Of Duty : 2 Call Of Duty : Ghosts Blobby Volley : Funcompo League Of Legends : 1vs1 TrackMania Nations Worms : Funcompo


Barbecue : Every participant will receive a delicious barbecue on Saturday-evening. The barbecue is included in your entry-ticket if you bought one before November 1st ! What’s included ? 3 pieces of meat (BBQ Stick/Sausage/Bacon) Vegetables Potatoes Sauce


Besides the compo-servers we will also be hosting public-servers for free (game-servers and voice-servers). To request a game-server, simply fill in this form. If your request is validated, you will receive your server-details by email. During the event you can also get the server-details from the crew.