What is a lanparty?

LAN stands for “Local Area Network”. Every participant brings his own computer. We provide every participant with a delimited space (110 cm) at his table, along with a chair, a Gigabit network-connection and a power-socket. Once you’re installed, you hook up your computer to our fast local network (a helpdesk is at your disposal). Don’t forget; you need to bring your own network-cable (UTP, approx. 10 meters long). If you don’t have such a network-cable, you will be able to buy a cable from the shops that are present.

This way, the participants are all connected to each other. The network equipment & the servers are all being taken care of by our crew. Once your PC is connected to the network, you can start playing games against the other participants. Every server on the LAN is fast and lag doesn’t exist there.

We also provide you with an internet access, but if necessary, access will be restricted to online gaming !

At the event, you will be able to buy food and drinks at all times.

Parking spots are free of charge. When arriving at the event a crew-member will advise you where you can park your car. In order to avoid chaos at the parking and the check-in, you have to follow his instructions. At all times it is forbidden to block an emergency-exit with your car. The road and the entrance and exit of the emergency road must always be accessible.

Emergency exits can only be used in emergency situations ! As long as there is no evacuation, you must leave or enter the hall by its normal entrance and exit.

Like in every public event or festival, it’s strongly recommended to look out for your valuables. Don’t leave your pc’s unattended for longer periods of time. In case you and your fellow clan-members are sleeping at the same time, make sure you store your mobile phones, wallet, expensive mice, mouse-pads and headsets. If you are bringing a laptop, locking it to the table will ensure more safety as well.