Func sponsors CU-LAN

A big welcome to another new sponsor for our tournaments: Func!!!

Func will once again redefine the gaming experience with cutting edge products to make history for a second time. In 2012, Func decided it was time to revamp the look and feel of the brand and give it a fresh image.

But bringing Func back to you is so much more than cosmetic changes, it’s about enhancing your gaming experience in a more meaningful way. They want to make a difference in performance, just like they did back in the day, and they want to do it in an honest and trustworthy way.

There are no shortcuts in this business and functionality kicks in where simplicity doesn’t make any sense. Func believes that your performance (besides your personal skills and training) can only be enhanced by the usability of the functions and not simply by a bunch of fancy gimmicks marketed as revolutionary product development. They make you buy it but it doesn’t give you any advantage at all.

To make things even better, Func will provide us with not one, not two, but three!! F Series 10L mousemats as tournament prizes!!!

Probably one of the best-selling mouse surfaces ever introduced, the Surface 1030 once changed the world of gaming and now we continue to improve the standard of quality. By now, everybody knows how important your mouse surface is in orde to perform precise movements at high speeds. It’s a matter of life and death to have only the best surface under your mouse: no one serious about the game can afford tracking loss or skips during intensive gameplay. The new Surface 1030 takes the award-winning concept to a higher level with a more functional design and a bigger tracking area.

Click here for all the info and specifications of the F Series 10 L mousemats!