HIS sponsors CU-LAN

HIS Digital sponsors our tournaments!! Please give them a warm welcome!

HIS – Hightech Information System Limited is an internationally acclaimed graphics cards company known for innovated and powerful graphic solutions. Time and time again, HIS were compared and tested by hundreds of worldly renowned critics. The results are phenomena, HIS have proven to offer far superior, cooler and faster graphic cards than any other leading rivals. The wide and continuously expanding product line up also includes special solutions for overclocked “Turbo”-models with IceQ coolings, PCIexpress-X1 cards for connecting up to 9 monitors or absolutely noiseless working multimedia graphic cards for the home PC with HDMI port.

Also, AMD RADEON runs currently a rewards campaign for the R9 and R7 graphics cards. Buyers of a graphics card of the R9 & R7 series can choose games for free from this selection. – while supplies last. If you can’t find your fave game in this selection, you can keep the Rewards coupon until there is another games for free campaign.

HIS will provide us with a R7 250 iCooler Boost Clock 2GB DDR3 graphics card!!

HIS Digital’s R7 250 iCooler Boost Clock graphics card is a solid performer for the money. You get a graphics card that runs very cool for an Oland XT based R7 250 and it also runs incredibly quiet making it almost rival passive solution – this is thanks to the 80mm fan which is larger than other graphics cards of this price point. There is masses of overclocking headroom and this is something HIS Digital graphics cards have demonstrated time and time again in the past.

You can find all the details and specifications here!