CU-LAN 2024 Ticket

Fun & gaming in Geraardsbergen!
Choose your ticket (with or without breakfast).
Each ticket contains the use of a gaming chair for the duration of the lan.

You can choose your preferred seat, but it can change as we try to satisfy everybody. This means no guarantee for your preferred seats.
We update the seating plan multiple times a week!

You can only order 1 ticket as we need to have the personal data from every participant.

If you are not sure whether you want breakfasts, you can order breakfasts separately up until 1 week before the lanparty.

 55,00 60,00



What has changed this year?

1) Ticket-prices went up:
Unfor­tu­nately we have to raise the price for the tick­ets to 55 EUR.
We had to make some choices ; keep the same ticket-price and bring down our ser­vices or raise the price and con­tinue to improve the qual­ity of the lan­party.
So we chose to increase the price but nev­er­the­less, we con­tinue to offer you the same qual­ity lan­party as we did the pre­vi­ous years.
Or even better ! And ofcourse everyone will receive a prize!

Regular ticket prices are € 55 (without breakfast) or 60€ (with breakfast on Saturday- and Sunday-morning).

2) Par­tic­i­pants:
Seats are limited to 115.

3) Net­work:
The network-speed is the same (Gigabit).
Inter­net will go up to 1Gb (with a fail-over solu­tion which we never needed).

4) Seating-space:
You will con­tinue to have a table-size of 1.10m to install your com­puter.

5) Sleep­ing area:
You can sleep in the parketzaal above the venue.

6) Catering:
You can buy catering-cards with Payconiq at the bar.
When your order is ready, you will receive a SMS (if we know your mobile number). Or we shout your name loud and clear 😉


More news will fol­low in the fol­low­ing weeks and months.
So hurry-up to get your seats…
Pay­ments can be done by Bancontact/Payconiq or iDEAL.