Razer Hearthstone


1. Game info

 Tour­na­ment Type : Groupstage + single or Double elimination brackets (depends on participants)


2. Prepa­ra­tion

Each player should have at least 3 decks. because in the semi finals and finals we play BO5
Other matches it is BO3


3. Cheat­ing and abuse

The cheat­ing and abuse pol­icy applies to all CU-​LAN lad­ders.

Any cheat­ing or exces­sive abu­sive behav­iour dur­ing a match will result in a for­feit loss.

Cheat­ing and/​or using sus­pended play­ers in matches results also in dif­fer­ent kind of lad­der sus­pen­sions.

If both clans cheated, both clans get a for­feit loss.

Any cheats/​hacks are not allowed. If we sus­pect you of cheat­ing your whole team will be dis­qual­i­fied from the compo. You may have cus­tom con­figs as long as they don’t give you an unfair advan­tage over your opponents.


4. Win Conditions

Game win: The win­ner is decided when the opponent is destroyed or when the opponent team surrenders. 

If you won with your class you cant use it anymore. If you lost you can still use it.

Match win: In group stage we play BO3, so when a player wins 2 games with 2 different classes he wins the match.

In semi finals and final we play BO5, So when a player wins 3 games with 3 different classes he wins the match.


5. Gen­eral rules in the match

The sched­ule must be followed.

You must be avail­able to play dur­ing the sched­uled play times.

The players must con­tact eachother and arrange the match dur­ing the sched­uled play­time. If the other team can’t play for some rea­son then you have to inform the Compo-​Admin and a noshow will be addressed.

Make sure your oppo­nents can­not screen­watch. You may always ask the crew for a panel to place in between you and your oppo­nents. Ask­ing friends to stand behind you is also a good way to keep your oppo­nents from look­ing at your screens. Don’t com­plain about this afterwards.

If a match is inter­rupted by power cut or other prob­lems then the match will con­tinue after the prob­lem has been resolved.

You must make a screen­shot of the score and this screen­shot has to be kept dur­ing the whole event.

You can ask for a short break between the matches

Respect your oppo­nents at all time, when mis­be­hav­ing you will be disqualified.

The players are responsible to inform the Compo-Admin of the scores. Add Fr33z #2957 so you can give him the scores in chat.


6. Con­flicts 

If you believe your oppo­nents are cheat­ing or if you dis­cover some­thing that is def­i­nitely not allowed then you can ask for assis­tance at the Compo-​desk. The avail­able Compo-​Admin will then search for a solu­tion, this can go from look­ing at demo’s to the ban­ning of teams. When con­flict­ing you need to have proof !!! Again, make sure your oppo­nents can­not screenwatch.

The team cap­tains of both teams are the rep­re­sen­ta­tives. Only they may take part in con­flict dis­cus­sions. Any other player, regard­less what team he/​she is in, will be removed from the dis­cus­sion and/​or dis­qual­i­fied from the com­pe­ti­tion. Keep in mind that the team cap­tain is fully respon­si­ble for his/​her play­ers. The Compo-​Admin always has the final word.


7. Compo-​Admin


Fr33z (Fr33z #2957) & … 


8. Prizes

  1. Razer Spectre SC2 Heart of the Swarm Gaming Mouse
  2. Speedseats voucher (50€)
  3. GameGear voucher (25€)