Razer sponsors CU-LAN!

Razer designs its products based on three fundamental tenets: technology, ergonomics and validation from the very best professional gamers.

World class scientists and engineers develop cutting edge technology in-house or with partners, design products with extensive human interfacing studies and then test the hell out of them in field with pro-gamers before launch. No other gaming hardware company boasts dedicated gaming user interface R&D labs, and Razer’s technology and designs are incubated in three design facilities located in California, Singapore and Shenzhen.

Razer provides us with no less than two!! Lycosa Gaming Keyboards as first prizes for one of our competitions!!!

With its non-slip rubber coating, Razer Lycosa provides optimal adhesion, so you won’t slip in the heat of battle. Join forces with the dark. While your enemies grope in the dark, you can backlight the Razer Lycosa to take control and eliminate your enemies.

You can find more info about Razer’s gaming keyboards here!!