Nacon Gaming FIFA 17 1v1

1. Game version :

Fifa 17 for PC

2. Game settings :

  • Game Type : Online league
  • Team Level : Any
  • Half Length : 6 mins
  • Controls : Any
  • Game Speed : Normal
  • Squads : Online
  • Defending : Tactical
  • All players are obligated to use the predetermined formations from EA. Using a selfcreated formation is not authorized !
  • Teamchoice : All teams are allowed
  • Controller settings : Players are allowed to choose any controller settings they prefer

3. Single elimination :

  • The knockout stage of the tournament shall consist of a single elimination tournament.
  • The first player to win two out of three games wins the match.
  • If, after 90 minutes, the game ends in a draw, two extra time periods of 15 minutes each shall be played.
  • If the score remains tied after extra time, penalty kicks, in accordance with the games procedure, shall be taken to determine the winner.
  • Team selection: National and Club teams may be selected by the players.
  • The host and client for each match will be decided by a coin toss

4. Disconnects :

Disconnect : any connection loss between opponents due to system, network, PC, and/or power problems/issues.
Intentional disconnect : any connection loss between opponents due to a players actions. Upon judgment by the referee, the offending player may be charged with a default loss.

Should a disconnection occur :

  • A referee will confirm the exact score to that point (even if the ball is about to cross the goal line, the goal shall not count), and restart the match.
  • A referee will inform the players on exactly how many minutes must still be played in order to complete the match.
  • Any players sent off the field (red card) shall count as a goal each for the opponent when the match resumes.
  • If the disconnection occurs after a corner kick was awarded to a player, the match will resume with a corner kick for that same player.

5. Screenshots :

The server host is required to take a screenshot after each game.

6. Compo-​Admin :

The compo-​admin is DrWeB-Jr.

7. Prizes

  1. 1x Nacon GC-400ES Alpha Pad Gamepad

  2. 1x Nacon MM-400 Giant Gaming Mousepad

  3. 1x Nacon GM-105 Optical Gaming Mouse