Dicota & X-Raypad Overwatch 6v6

1. Game version :

Latest game version of overwatch (Currently

2. Tournament structure :

Brackets phase: Best of Three

Finals: Best of Five

Double elimination

3. Game settings :

Rule set: Competitive

Map rotation: Single map

Return to lobby: After a game

Normal maps:

  • King’s row
  • Route 66
  • Numbani
  • Hollywood
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Volskaya
  • Dorado
  • Temple of Anubis
  • Hanamura
  • Eichenwalde

Decider map pool: (Incase of a tie)

  • Ilios
  • Nepal
  • Lijiang Tower


All heroes are allowed

Hero selection limit: 1 per team

Role selection limit: None

Allow hero switching: On

Respawn as random hero: Off

Gameplay and Team Options:

High bandwidth: On

Control game mode format: Best of 5

Health modifier: 100%

Damage modifier: 100%

Healing modifier: 100%

Ultimate charge rate modifier: 100%

Respawn time modifier: 100%

Ability cooldown modifier: 100%

Disable skins: Off

Disable health bars: Off

Disable kill cam: On

Disable kill feed: Off

Headshots only: Off

Team balancing: Off

4. Match process :

The team captain of both teams add each other on Battle.net to create a lobby that corresponds with the Game Setting marked above.

The highest seeded team chooses whether they want to start the banning phase or pick the first side of the first map.

The map pick veto starts. Maps will be banned one by one from the normal map pool (alternating between the teams) until the necessary amount of maps remain.

The team who would have had the next map veto picks which map is played first. Then the pick order is alternated.

Lastly, a decider map is picked. Again the highest seeded team starts the banning process until there is one map left. This will be the decider map.

The match starts when both Team Captains signify that their team is ready.

5. Cheat­ing & Abuse

The cheat­ing and abuse pol­icy applies to all CU-​LAN ladders.

Any cheat­ing or exces­sive abu­sive behav­iour dur­ing a match will result in a for­feit loss.
Cheat­ing and/​or using sus­pended play­ers in matches results also in dif­fer­ent kind of lad­der sus­pen­sions.
If both clans cheated, both clans get a for­feit loss.

It is not allowed to make use of bugs. If bugs are used, 2 points will be sub­tracted from the team and will be given to the other team.
There are no scripts allowed, with the excep­tion of buy-​scripts.
Cus­tom skins are pro­hib­ited.
Crouch­ing may not be binded to the mouse scroll.

If you believe your oppo­nents are cheat­ing or if you dis­cover some­thing that is def­i­nitely not allowed then you can ask for assis­tance at the Compo-​desk. The avail­able Compo-​Admin will then search for a solu­tion, this can go from look­ing at demo’s to the ban­ning of teams. When con­flict­ing you need to have proof !!! Again, make sure your oppo­nents can­not screenwatch.

6. Scores & Admin­is­tra­tion

The score must be sub­mit­ted to the Compo-​Admin by both teams after each war.

7. Prices

  1. 2x Dicota Universal Backpack & 2x Dicota Light Grey Backpack & 2x Dicota Light Black Backpack

  2. 6x X-Raypad XL Custom Mousepad