Team Insulted Hearthstone


1. Rules

The play method we use is the “Last Hero Standing” module, single-elimination format.
Players will enter a lobby with their opponent.
They will play 5 battles maximum.
The player that loses 3 battles, first, in total is out of the compo and the winner will go up on the ladder.
The deck you’ve lost with cannot be used again in the same lobby.
All cards are allowed! If someone disconnects he has 5 min to reconnect, otherwise the player that disconnected will surrender automatically.

2. Cheating & Abuse

The cheat­ing and abuse pol­icy applies to all CU-LAN ladders.

Any cheat­ing or exces­sive abu­sive behav­iour dur­ing a match will result in a for­feit loss.
Cheat­ing and/or using sus­pended clans/play­ers in matches results also in dif­fer­ent kind of lad­der sus­pen­sions.
If both clans/players cheated, both clans/players get a for­feit loss.

If you believe your oppo­nents are cheat­ing or if you dis­cover some­thing that is def­i­nitely not allowed then you can ask for assis­tance at the Compo-desk.
The avail­able Compo-Admin will then search for a solu­tion, this can go from look­ing at demo’s to the ban­ning of clans/players.
When con­flict­ing you need to have proof !!!
Again, make sure your oppo­nents can­not screenwatch.

3. Compo-information

All the “additional” information that is needed can be found on the Team Insulted Facebook page :

4. Compo-Admin

The Compo-Admin is Nick Kuppens (Fr33z – Team Insulted)
FB = Nick Kuppens = Fr33z #2957

5. Prizes

  1. Botkamp voucher 50€
  2. 3x Hearthstone card packs