Coolermaster FlatOut 2 tournament

Rules Flatout 2

Mode: Derby (5 Minutes)
max. participants 128
Each player must create an ingame profile with his Nickname.
The tournament will consist of 3 rounds (The player with the most points at the end of the tournament wins).
If there are multiple lobbies (Due to the player limit of 8/lobby) the winners will play a 3 round winner bracket for the First place.

Tournament settings:

Session Type: Tournament
Cars: All
Car Type: All
Upgrades: 100%
Nitro Multiplier: 1x
Derby Damage Level: 1x

Hosts will be selected by Tournament Admin.
The Host must take a screenshot of the points for each player at the end of each round (DO NOT RETURN TO THE LOBBY until the Host does)
1st: 10 points
2nd: 8 pts
3rd: 6 pts
4th: 5 pts
5th: 4 pts
6th: 3 pts

If a player drops out mid-game, he gets 0 points.
The host must fill out the points of each player after the event.
No cheats.
If a player doesn’t follow the rules, he will be warned by the tournament admin and potentially banned.