Kinepolis League of Legends tournament

1. Game info

Title : League of Legends
Matchmode : Draft Pick, Howling Abyss, 3on3
Team size : 3 vs 3
Tournament Type : Best of One (BO1)
Ban Mode: 1-1-1-1-1-1 (each team bans 3 champions)
How to ban: The lower seeded team starts with the first ban
Pick Mode: Draft Pick

2. Preparation

Each team picks the champions in the pre-match lobby.
A champion cannot be picked twice.
The higher seeded team gets first pick.

3. Cheating and abuse

The cheating and abuse policy applies to all CU-LAN ladders.
Any cheating or excessive abusive behaviour during a match will result in a forfeit loss.
Cheating and/or using suspended players in matches results also in different kind of ladder suspensions.
If both clans cheated, both clans get a forfeit loss.

Any cheats/hacks are not allowed. If we suspect you of cheating your whole team will be disqualified from the compo. You may have custom configs as long as they don’t give you an unfair advantage over your opponents.

4. Player Disconnect

Upon disconnection of a player (for whichever reason), the game must be paused immediately (/pause).
The game may only be unpaused when said player has reconnected to the game successfully. (/unpause)

Should the event’s internet connection be unavailable for an extended period of time, the game will be replayed with the same side and champion configuration.

5. Win Conditions

The winner is decided when the opponent’s nexus is destroyed or when the opposing team surrenders.

6. General rules in the match

The schedule must be followed.
Participants may only be in one team, switching between teams is not allowed.
Line-ups may be changed as long as none of the players are in two teams. You must let the Compo-Admin know. The Compo-Admin may always refuse the change.
You must be available to play during the scheduled play times.
The team-captain must contact the other team and arrange the match during the scheduled playtime. If the other team can’t play for some reason then you have to inform the Compo-Admin and a noshow will be addressed.
Make sure your opponents cannot screenwatch. You may always ask the crew for a panel to place in between you and your opponents. Asking friends to stand behind you is also a good way to keep your opponents from looking at your screens. Don’t complain about this afterwards.
Bounce / Boosting / Bugs are not allowed ! If done so you lose the round to your opponent.
If a match is interrupted by power cut or other problems then the match will continue after the problem has been resolved.
On each map and each side you must make a screenshot of the score and this screenshot has to be kept during the whole event.
When switching sides you have a 5 min break and when switching map a 10 min break.
If you must start playing and you only have 4 players in the servers then your fifth may join at any time. If you are with less than 4 players = noshow.
Respect your opponents at all time, when misbehaving you will be disqualified.
The team-captains are responsible to inform the Compo-Admin of the scores.

7. Conflicts

If you believe your opponents are cheating or if you discover something that is definitely not allowed then you can ask for assistance at the Compo-desk. The available Compo-Admin will then search for a solution, this can go from looking at demo’s to the banning of teams. When conflicting you need to have proof !!! Again, make sure your opponents cannot screenwatch.

The team captains of both teams are the representatives. Only they may take part in conflict discussions. Any other player, regardless what team he/she is in, will be removed from the discussion and/or disqualified from the competition. Keep in mind that the team captain is fully responsible for his/her players. The Compo-Admin always has the final word.

8. Compo-Admin

The compo-admin is Sentinel-Jr.