FRACTAL DESIGN Fifa 15 – 1vs1

1. General information :

  • The compo-admin can edit the rules at any time. When he does, he will inform everyone the participants.
  • Not being fair/polite towards the admin/crew/your opponents will result in disqualification. Respect your opponents at all time, when misbehaving you will be disqualified.
  • All decisions made by the admin or any of the crew members are irreversible.
  • If there are any problems, the compo-admin and the crew will always be ready and willing to help out.
  • When there is a discussion you can’t solve on your own, the admin or crew will decide for their selves.
  • The compo-admin & crew shout-casters can join the local servers at any time.
  • If you believe your opponents are cheating or if you discover something that is definitely not allowed then you can ask for assistance at the compo-desk. The available compo-admin will then search for a solution, this can go from looking at demo’s to the banning of teams. When conflicting you need to have proof !!! Again, make sure your opponents cannot screenwatch.
  • Any cheats/hacks are not allowed. If we suspect you of cheating, you and/or your whole team will be disqualified from the compo.
  • Participants may only be in one team, switching between teams is not allowed.
  • You must be available to play during the scheduled play times.
  • The team-captain must contact the other team and arrange the match during the scheduled playtime. If the other team can’t play for some reason then you have to inform the compo-admin and a no-show will be addressed.
  • If a match is interrupted by a general power cut or general network-problem then the game will be started all over after the problem has been resolved.
  • On each map and each side you must make a screenshot of the score and this screenshot has to be kept during the whole event.
  • The team-captains are responsible to inform the compo-admin of the scores.

2. Overview

  • Game Version: FIFA 15 for PC
  • Competition Method: 1 vs. 1
  • Game Mode : Match mode
  • Single Elimination

 3. Specific Compo Rules

  • Participants may only use the predetermined formations from EA. Using a self created formation is forbidden !
  • Game Type : Online League
  • Team Level : Any
  • Half Length : 6 mins
  • Controls : any
  • Game Speed : Normal
  • Squads : Online
  • Defending : Tactical
  • Free team-choice. All teams are allowed.
  • Players are allowed to choose any controller settings they prefer.

4. Cheating and abuse

  • The cheating and abuse policy applies to all CU-LAN ladders.
  • Any cheating or excessive abusive behavior during a match will result in a forfeit loss.
  • Cheating and/or using suspended players in matches results also in different kind of ladder suspensions.
  • If both clans/opponents cheated, both clans/opponents get a forfeit loss.

5. Compo-Admin

  • The compo-admin is Sentinel.

6. Prizes

  1. Fractal Design Define XL R2 Black Pearl Case
  2. One Ago Webhosting with .be domain