Unreal Tournament (2v2)

Our UT tournament will be played 2vs2. We choose a single elimination system. This means, only the winners of the round evolve further in the tournament. If you lose, you can drown your sorrows at the bar in good company of the crew…

1. Version and mods

Before you come to lan, make sure you installed the latest alpha prerelease version of UT. This will avoid any problems and delays.
Download: https://www.unrealtournament.com/download?dismiss=https://www.unrealtournament.com/


2. Players

The number of participants in the tournament is 4.
Only players who registered under their nickname can play the game.
If you’re not available to play, you will
forfeit the match and the remaining team wins the match.

3. Game structure

Two maps are played, every team chooses his map.
Each round takes 15 minutes.
The team that makes the most frags within this time limit wins the round.
The team that wins a round gets 2 points.
If its a draw, every team will get 1 point.
The team that wins 4 points, wins the game.
If the score is tied, a third round will be played. This map is chosen by the team that made the most frags in the first two maps.

4. Maps

Only default maps may be played, each team chooses a map.

5. Client Setup

All client-side configs that contain standard variables and commands from the game are allowed.

6. Specific ingame rules

Teams are allowed to determine their own strategy within the rules. Which means that ‘camping’ is allowed.

Disqualification will occur in the following cases :

  • If you caught using cheats during the game you will be immediately disqualified.
  • If you inveigh opponents, or have an unsportsmanlike behavior (including falsely accusing of cheating etc.) you will be immediately disqualified.

7. Compo-Admin

The compo-​admin is DrWeB & Steff_​P.

8. Prizes

  1. TBA
  2. TBA