XFX Age Of Empires 1v1


1. General information

All games will be played 1v1.
The winner continues to the next round.

2. Game Version

All games must be played in the latest version of Age of Empires II HD. Each player must check if his game is up-to-date before the match.

3. Game-setup

Each player must ensure that his setup is fully functional before the start of the match. All the problems that can also serve for the match to be solved resolved beforehand. Connection and hardware problems that could have been prevented, for example, lead to disqualification of the player.

4. Servers

The matches will be initiated by the designated player. This player will be responsible to set up the server with the correct settings. He also ensures that the other players can connect with him. If necessary (eg in case of problems), the player can call in the help of the compo admin.
The competition can start only after all players are present on the server. Each player has a maximum of 15 minutes after the official start to be present on the server.
If these conditions are not met, the player may be disqualified by a compo admin.

All the problems encountered on the server (eg incorrect settings, lag, ..) have to be reported to the compo admin BEFORE the start of the competition.

Each match must be played on a server designated by a compo admin. Setting up your own server is not allowed unless specified by a compo admin.

5. Player Recording

The recording of the matches is permitted.

6. Maps & Settings

The map is selected by the server using the ‘Full random’ principle.

Map settings :
Game:        random map
Map style:    standard
Location:    random Land maps
Size:        small (3 player)
Difficulty:    standard
Resources:    standard
Population:    200
Game speed:    fast
Reveal map:    normal
Starting age:    standard
Victory:    conquest

Game settings :
Data set:     The Conquerors (NOT The forgotten or The African Kingdoms!!!)
Team Together:    1
All Techs:    0
Allow Cheats:    0
Lock Teams:    1
Lock Speed:    1
Record Game:    1

7. Spectators

There are no viewers / spectators allowed during the match. Only a compo admin may join the match as a spectator.

8. Screenshots & recording

It is mandatory after the game to take a screenshot of the result.
The recording of the matches is allowed, however, it is prohibited to show this recording to other participants
At the end of the match, each team must also take at least one screenshot of the final result and provide it to the compo admins.

9. Broadcasting

CU-LAN has the right to broadcast matches desired
It is not permitted for players to broadcast the game themselves.

10. Teams & players

At the start of the competition the entire team should be created on the website. Only the players who are in these teams, can participate in the compo.
Changing stand-ins is not allowed

11. Technical problems

If a player disconnects within the first 20 minutes of the game due to unforeseen technical difficulties that were not intentionally caused, the compo admin can decide to restart the game. The player that disconnected, must immediately report this to the compo admin, who will determine the fate of the match.

12 Cheats, hacks and other tools

It is strictly forbidden for any external tool, both hardware and software to be used that hinders or improves the normal gameplay any of the players. It is also prohibited to use glitches in the maps for your own benefit. If someone is caught in the act, this will result automatically in a forfeit for this player. Anyone caught after a match or even after the event, will be disqualified and the scores will be adjusted. Prizes also need to be returned to the organization.
Some mods like Pussy Wood are allowed.

13. Disputes

At all times, the compo admin will have the final decision in any disputes. The compo admin will always consider all comments / evidences and then make a deliberated, judicious decision.
Rules can be changed if necessary before the start of the event. In case of changes, participants will be briefed on the website.

14. Compo-Admin

The compo-admin is DrWeB-Jr.

15. Prizes

  1. XFX XT Series 500W PSU 80+ Bronze Power Supply

  2. 1x Gdata Total Protection

  3. 1x Office-Shop Supplies Voucher 25 EUR