Low Budget Market Darts tournament

1. General info Title: Darts Size: Fun Max teams: 64 Gametype: 2v2 2. Tournament rules Darts: Darts can be obtained at the Compo-admin (DomiBE) General Rules: All games will be BO3 from the semi final onward it will be BO5 Single elimination bracket Games will be 501 Schedule Problems: The schedule must be followed. If […]

Coolermaster Blobby Volley 2 tournament

1. Game version: Version will be played. Download : http://blobby.sourceforge.net/download.php 2. Information: One match of 2 rounds will be played. The rules used in Blobby Volley are standard volleyball rules. The game ends when one of the two players reach 15 (or more) points and also there is a two point lead over the […]

Nintendo Super Smash Bros tournament

General ruleset Ruleset: 2 Stock Time Limit: 6-8 minutes Items: Off Stage Selection: Anyone Stage Hazard Toggle: Off Final Smash Meter: Off Spirits: Off [1] Damage Handicap: Off First to: 2 Wins Launch Rate: 1.0x Underdog Boost: Off Score Display: Off % Show Damage: Yes Custom Balance: Off Echo Fighters: Separate Radar: Big Mii Fighters […]

Kinepolis League of Legends tournament

League of Legends

1. Game info Title : League of Legends Matchmode : Draft Pick, Howling Abyss, 3on3 Team size : 3 vs 3 Tournament Type : Best of One (BO1) Ban Mode: 1-1-1-1-1-1 (each team bans 3 champions) How to ban: The lower seeded team starts with the first ban Pick Mode: Draft Pick 2. Preparation Each […]

S2 Rocket League tournament

1. Game info : Title: Rocket League Size: 2v2 Max Teams: 64 2. Server settings : Team A creates a private game with these settings : Match Time: 5 Minutes Arena : DFH Stadium Team Size : 2v2 Bot Difficulty : No Bots Region : Europe Joinable By : Name/Password Name : CULAN “Team A”-”Team […]

Coolermaster FlatOut 2 tournament

Rules Flatout 2 Mode: Derby (5 Minutes) max. participants 128 Each player must create an ingame profile with his Nickname. The tournament will consist of 3 rounds (The player with the most points at the end of the tournament wins). If there are multiple lobbies (Due to the player limit of 8/lobby) the winners will […]

S2 Fall Guys tournament

General rules Mode: Main Show Teams: FFA There will only be one winner at the end of the game (Last to be eliminated). Teaming Teaming up with friends to gain an advantage is strictly forbidden. Players who do, will receive a disqualification. Sabotaging Sabotaging others to gain a lead is part of the game, don’t […]

Coolermaster CS2 tournament

1. Introduction Title : Counter-Strike:2 5 vs 5 Team-size : 5 Players 2. Teams & Participants When all players are registered for the team they are the only gamers who may play. A player may only play in one team. A clan may also register multiple teams but the players can not and should not […]